VGMusings #0 An Introduction

Hi, I’m Badr AlOmair AKA BadoorSNK. You may know me from this blog about video games. Well, this blog here is ALSO about video games, but without any specific topic. Just your regular old general topic video game blog. However, I am starting another new series, one about video game music (or VGM) called VGMusings.

What is VGMusings? Well, it’s a series of posts highlighting video game music that I really like, some for games I played, many from whole game series I never tried. But rather than do the standard series-focus stuff (like TOP 20 ZELDA SONGS), I’ll be focusing more on specific albums (both original and arranged ones, though mostly arranged) or live shows, or fan-covers or simply the artists behind the music, anything beyond putting a playlist of ripped video game music. Though generally speaking, there is no strict rubric I’m following.

I guess we both will see how this will shape. But I hope you’ll enjoy reading it anyway.


One thought on “VGMusings #0 An Introduction

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