VGMusings #3 Fatal Fury 2 PC Engine soundtrack


SNK makes some of my favorite music. What I love about the character theme’s in SNK games is that they’re all so varied in style and genre. Rock, jazz, classical orchestral, pop, electronic, loungey piano, all different to fit each character’s style. Sure, Street Fighter 2’s soundtrack is fantastic and also had “fitting” music. But there, with the worldly character roster, each character’s theme came about from their origin country, rather then who these character’s were, such as how Dhalsim’s theme had some sitar instruments etc. (I guess this is still the same thing and I’m just splitting hairs. But I think there’s a morsel of truth there).

Anyway, Fatal Fury 2 had a great soundtrack. It introduced many mainstay themes that would be reused in subsequent games, even though they’re not the character’s “first themes”. Kim got Lets go to Seoul. Billy got London March. Terry got Kurikinton, and a host of other great songs.

SNK then made Fatal Fury Special, an updated version of Fatal Fury 2, with added characters and some features to the combat system to make it more suitable for versus play. Since Fatal Fury Special was just a quick updated version, most of the assets (character sprites, stages, and music) were reused. Fatal Fury 2 and Special were released in 92/93, an era with probably the most simultaneously active console, handhelds, and computer systems ever. And given that they were one of SNK’s biggest games at the time, both were ported to several systems (for a total of 12). That’s not including future ports on PS2 and Xbox 360 and such, which in reality were less real ports, more relied on emulation and such, which I guess doesn’t count since there is no “redesign” element to making these ports.

But the ones I’m most interested in for this post are the arranged soundtracks made with recorded real instruments and put on CDs. For a lot of SNK ports on CD systems (the Neo Geo CD, the Saturn, and Playstation mainly), SNK made arranged soundtracks rather to take advantage of the added capacity of CD-ROMS. Usually, the Neo Geo CD, Playstation, and Saturn ports would be handled internally.

But for the PC Engine CD ports of Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special, these were handled by Hudson. Now, the soundtracks for the Neo Geo versions of Fatal Fury 2 and Special are identical, and so are their arranged versions on Neo Geo CD, aside from the added tracks in Special due to the added characters. And I assumed the same would be the case with the PC Engine CD ports. And that the FF Special PC Engine CD soundtrack would be a more “complete” one here too, a soundtrack that’s been on YouTube for a while now.

But that’s not true. Hudson rerecorded new arranged music for FF Special, even for the characters that were already. And seemingly, the PC Engine Soundtrack for Fatal Fury 2 was nowhere on YouTube. So I got the soundtrack off a NicoNicoDouga video and uploaded them to YouTube. So please, enjoy.


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