Uncharted 4 spoiler-filled quick post-game review thing


  • No where near as good as The Last of Us, it might not even be my fav Uncharted. But I liked it still
  • Villains were both meh in their own ways. Rafe was never threatening, while Nadine was never really invested in taking down Drake or getting the treasure. I feel like a combination of the two would have been better.
  • Super happy ending was unearned. It’s like the most optimal ending, which kind of goes against the whole theme of greed having bad repercussions. The whole game is about how Nathan should NOT be going back to treasure hunting, and that’s clearly showcased in Henry Avery’s story. But…in the end he does find the treasure and does end up working as a legit explorer whatever and he becomes super rich and famous and has a daughter and Sam and Sully are now cool uncles who do their own adventuring.
  • Sam could have been a bit more interesting. Him having a lot of banter doesn’t equal character development. I can’t really describe him any different than Nathan to be honest.
  • I wish the tension between Sam and Nathan would have happened earlier in the game. Nathan should have learned that Sam lied to him earlier, because for quite a long time there’s not much that happens once Sam joins up with Nathan right until that point, I mean in terms of character development of Sam particularly and the relationship between Sam and Nathan.
  • Flashback scenes were great, probably the best parts in the game maybe. And they were very The Last Of Us
  • Final Boss battle was up there with MGS4 in terms of being super dumb. Games with final bosses that use a brand new mechanic or are very QTE-ish are dumb. And again, Rafe was NEVER threatening. I never believed for a second that Rafe could take down Nathan in a stupid sword fight, and when he does I blame the stupid new mechanic Naughty Dog just threw at me at this moment
  • Had pacing problems? Lots of long stretches of climbing parts and then shooting parts. It’s kind of repeats itself: get to a place, explore it a bit by jumping and climbing, reach a critical point in whatever location they’re exploring that shows them more clues about the treasure whereabouts and the backstory of Henry Avery, and this point usually has a puzzle to solve, then you exit the place to head to the next cave/island/tower and you find out that bad guys are there blocking your exit so more stealth+shooting commences.
  • Lots of boxes with wheels. The exact same boxes with wheels that are apparently everywhere whether in Panama or Italy or Scotland or Madagascar or a tiny pirate island near Madagascar. It becomes even more comical when you realize that Drake has a rope that he can perfectly throw and hook trees mid-jump but he cant use to climb a wall with?
  • I really liked the backstory of Libertalia and Henry Avery and the pirates. Usually the legends in these Uncharted games never made me interested as much as this one. They seem to always be just enough exposition to service the adventuring and exploring part of the main narrative, and to simply point to where Drake and crew should go next. But this one was pretty cool, first with Avery’s fascination with Saint Dismis, then him amassing his treasure in Madagascar, then the establishment of Libertalia, the Pirate version of “Outer Heaven” I suppose, a nation of pirates. And then the in-fighting and downfall of the nation and ultimately Avery himself due to his greed.
  • It’s probably why I spent more time reading all the notes in this one more than other Uncharteds.
  • I’m also glad that a modern AAA game can still deliver backstory thru stuff like environmental clues or by written notes WITHOUT relying on audio recordings, which is becoming rather tiresome in these games. If you think the backstory itself is not interesting or short enough for me the player to stand there to read/observe, then I don’t think I’ll be interested if I can consume it in a more passive form with audio recordings.
  • Guybrush Threepwood being one of the founding pirates was a cute nod

All in all, I enjoyed my time with the story mode, I just don’t see this as being something I’ll look back to fondly or think it has Game Of The Year potential. Maybe I’m tired of this franchise, maybe this one really wasn’t that great anyways but I’m glad Naughty Dog can now move away from Uncharted to do other stuff.


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