Eva 3.3333333/Qqqqqq spoilery thoughts

I liked it, don’t think I like it more than 2.2222222 but I still liked it. I heard ppl didn’t like this as much. I guess I can see why. It feels…short, not necessarily length wise but it def lacks a conclusion? especially for most of the cast since they kinda don’t go thru any sort of arc (well besides poor Kowaru), even for Shinji. It feels like how the part 1 of the 7th Harry Potter movie (or one of many “we had to split the last movie of our planned trilogy into 2” movie) feels, like it ends on the end of the second act & you are waiting for the 3rd act to start & the oops it ends. Looks hella beautiful as always.
Other thoughts:

– I liked that it’s post-apocalyptic, & it’s post-apocalyptic like nothing else. Like with End of Eva you only get to see what happens after the third impact & then poof, movie over. Here you get to see a little bit more of the world & its red & crazy, it does look like hell on earth.

– I’m kind of a sucker for drastic time jumps, I know it’s an easy gimmick to freshen things up but the fact this takes 14 years after is pretty cool. Almost everyone looks different now, & it’s a new world with new bases & ships & stuff, helps sink in how just foreign this must feel to Shinji.  Although how convenient it is that people who pilot Eva’s “don’t age up”. Like I can get that Ayanami & Kowaru might not age up because Ayanami is just a weird clone/vessel & Kowaru is an angel, & Shinji has been stuck in his Eva Unit all this time (besides the whole Eva saga is about sad teenage feels so it would be kinda counter to the ethos of Eva to have Shinki grown up), but I would have liked an aged up Asuka & what’s her face with glasses…uh…shit…*googles*….Mari Illustrious Makinami. Actually I don’t think they ever even called her name her (she was just called four eyes by Asuka, lol). I will give them credit cause it seems like Asuka has grown up at least mentally & isn’t just her same old hot head self.

– boy they rrrreally made this for Shinji X Kowaru fans. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t do as much “fanservice” as usual tho, beyond the Kowaru X Shinji stuff.

– I think for an Eva movie, they did do more explanation & exposition than usual, like that old dude who hangs out with Ikari did explain quite a bit to Shinji when he played Shoji with him.

– so uh…this was out in Nov 2012 & we are close to 4 years from its release & from what I hear there’s been no info on when the fourth (& I believe last) rebuild would come out. Like Hideaki Anno managed to make a new Godzilla movie out (which I hear is pretty great so I def do wanna watch it) but I guess animation & live action are so different that they can each be in production without hampering the others progress…I guess that’s what I hope the situation is. I really wanna watch the 4th one soon cause I fear I might forget where things were & what happened in the previous movies by the time that comes up. 


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